Manoeuvring in Marrakech

It has been a while since I’ve written a blogpost on here! I’m hoping to be more consistent from now and all through 2020 too. I thought I’d start off with highlights of my recent trip to Marrakech – Morocco.

My sister & I travelled here for my 24th birthday (I still can’t believe it lol) because I wanted a bit of winter sun. If you live in UK then you’ll know it’s been raining for like 3 months straight; a girl is tired and needed some vitamin D.

We were picked up by the Marrakech Concierge, for their transfer airport – they were prompt, friendly and were so helpful during our trip. We were dropped off to our first Riad, Riad l’Oiseau du ParadisThe decor, staff and food were honestly so amazing I didn’t want to leave. img_0616

We stayed here for 4 nights and two in another Riad. The Riad’s are located in the centre of Marrakech, the Jemaa el-Fnaa. Which was honestly, so convenient butttt…the town centre can be pretty

Be prepared for things to be shouted at you, asked into the stalls or offered a ‘free henna tattoo’. Believe me when I say, nothing is free over there; it’s just a smart ploy to trick you into paying. I learnt the hard way lol and on my first day too.

The weather was literally perfect, not too hot but just right. It was about 24-28 degrees and we went early November.

Another key tip to remember in Marrakech is to always haggle! Whether it’s in the market or taxis. Haggle like there’s no tomorrow or you will get bumped.



I loved the decor in this place, it was traditional – with a hint of modern. The staff were sooo friendly and helpful with recommendations and what not to/what to do.






Oh and the breakfast was one of my favourite parts of the day!

On our first day, after being harassed by henna ladies (lol) we visited the Bahia Palace. The interior was stunning! Wouldn’t mind moving in tbh. The entrance fee was very reasonable and queuing wasn’t too bad either.

& yes I co-ordinated with the backdrop!


The next day consisted of some of my favourite things! Chilling by the pool, good food & drinks, you absolutely can’t go wrong. This was courtesy of at Nikki Beach Marrakech. I really did not want to leave!


Of course we had to Camel riding too! We made sure we did our research before booking, making sure that this was an ethical company that treated the camels well. We were picked up not far from our hotel and dropped to the Agafay Desert (we kept saying this wrong and our driver kept laughing at us) and we got changed to start our ride.

I’m not going to lie to you…I was shook! It’s the bit where the camel goes up from the ground and goes back down so you can get off – that gets me the most! I can barely handle rides at Winter Wonderland so that’s telling you a lot already. My camel decided it was cute to sneeze on me and we found out my sister’s camel was called ‘Sarah’…really! The ride had such nice views, but if you’re someone like me that has a sensitive back you might feel like you’re in agony the next day.

Our home for the last few days! I fell in love with the decor of the Indian Palace, it was STUNNING. Literal pink paradise. This is exactly where I wanted my extra self to wake up to on my birthday.

But boy was it hard to find this by taxi! facetune_15-11-2019-22-33-21

On my birthday, we visited La Trattoria which was honestly to date one of the best restaurants I’ve ever visited. The service was A1, the scenery was gorgeous – there was a pool in the centre of the restaurant with low hanging lanterns. It was unreal. The food was uh-mazing and honestly…I was surprised by the bill, it was so reasonable you’d think it would be waaay more. It’s a 10/10 from me. See the restaurant in full here: 


Overall, I loved my birthday trip to Marrakech. It was the perfect Winter Sun destination and even though I enjoyed it, I was happy to go home because it tired me right out and it can be kinda manic over there so going back to reality wasn’t too bad for once. Keep an eye out on my channel for a Vlog on my experience!


Signing out, Sarah xo

Browsin’ in Budapest

A weekend Trip to Budapest.

*Budapest in two days*

Every good weekend trip should start with a cute airport outfit right?


We departed from Gatwick Airport and took a 2 hour flight to Budapest with easy transport links to the town centre.

The first night consisted of us chillin’, getting to know the area and getting rest before a SUPER busy day ahead.

We woke up at 6am to get to the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, which was AMAZING. It literally was like being in a giant bath tub and I felt so refreshed after. We arrived here at 7am and were quite lucky that it wasn’t busy or packed at all.

  It was so cold  though once you

actually got out of the bath!

We then spent the rest of the day exploring and enjoying the sights! Along with being stared at by the locals and being called Nicki Minaj *face palm*


Doesn’t this remind you of the game Subway Surfer! I loved how the trams and taxis were yellow, it really gave a Urban New York type of vibe.


Later that night, we stopped off at the famous New York Café. The interior was absolutely stunning, it literally made me feel like I was in a scene from Gossip Girl (lol). Oh & the food was good too! I had a banana Hot Chocolate, which was different but so tasty and ice cream..Only I would have a hot and cold combo but it works trust me!


Boscolo – New York Cafe Budapest


New York Cafe Budapest

If I smile hard enough…Can I move in?

Next day/Final day in Budapest.


We climbed up to the St. Stephen’s Basilica, this was a workout and a half I can’t lie!

(For me anyway) The views were worth it though.



Pretty sure this the bridge that Will Smith used in his Keke Challenge!




After a day filled with walking, we decided to treat ourselves to a well deserved treat at Mr. Funk, one of the most ‘instagramable’ food places in Budapest! Not only does the food look amazing but it also tastes so good!


You can just see the joy in my eyes….


And damn right I finished it all!


Where to find Mr Funk…click here


Until next time. xo


Places mentioned that we visited:

New York Cafe

Mr Funk

St. Stephen’s Basilica

Golden Greece

As many of you might know if you follow me on Instagram…I have been absolutely obsessed with Greece!

My holiday there was absolutely amazing, every corner you turned looked like something out of a movie!

I jetted off to Mykonos-Greece simply because it looked like such a stunning island. I wasn’t disappointed and it’s safe to say, it definitely slots in the category of top 10 most instagramable countries! (I haven’t figured out the rest yet! But it’s definitely there)

This little number had me feeling like such a Greek Goddess! While also staying cute and cool in the heat.

Hopefully I’ll get round to uploading a holiday vlog on my channel! But for now watch my highlights on instagram to see what I got up to!