Brunch anyone?

Instagram’s most photogenic café

Last weekend, in between the rush of London Fashion week, I decided to finally give one of the most Instagramable cafes a visit…Elan Café! Filled to the brim with decor that would excite even the likes of Oscar Wilde. The aesthetics are truly amazing and begin to entice you as soon as your eyes fall on the storefront.

Elan Café gives you all the pleasures of being inside a gorgeous flower shop… and if you’re a fellow hay-fever sufferer like me; minus the sneezing!

So what I really wanted to know was, is this café worth all the Instagram hype? My honest answer is both yes and no.


  1. You receive amazing service from the waiters. They are kind, quick to take your order and helpful. My friend’s dessert was accidentally taken away before she had even finished eating, once we made the waiters aware of this they kindly replaced the dessert in full – this was not even requested by us.
  2. The food comes in a good sizeable portions and is absolutely tasty and so well presented! I ordered the Nutella Hot Chocolate and Poached egg/avocado toast and Oreo cheesecake. One word: amazing.
  3. Most obviously the decor and design of the café! In the words of another bruncher: “Girl, you know we all came here for the photos!” So from the famous flower wall, hanging flowers, neon writing and even the floor. It really is pleasing to the eye.

Hmmm so the negatives…


  1. The queue to get in took around 30 minutes. This however is understandable of course, being such a popular restaurant as it is currently.
  2. Feeling rushed – Shortly after we had finished and paid for our meal, a lady in a suit who worked at the café gave us no warning that it was time for us to start moving from the table. She simply brought over new customers whilst we were still seated and told us that it was time for us to go. Not impressed at all.
  3. A sense of importance – we noticed that a few people were being moved around the café from their tables to another so that other perhaps more ‘important’ visitors could get better seating.

Other than those points…I can’t really complain. My recommendations would be to visit in the weekday as it is a lot quieter during those times. Anyways…happy brunching!

Sarah x

Photo credit: First photo @elancafe (Instagram)

The rest are my own.

Hello February!


I really cannot believe that just the other day I was wrapping Christmas presents, and now we’re already in Feb! I am over the moon that finally January is over. I don’t know about you but January is my least favorite month in the year.

Whether you’re mourning the end of Christmas festivities or the impact Christmas has had on your bank account, (lol, if that ain’t me!) or the month where we go back to reality and begin our 365 journey.

For me, February is the start of the new year. January is basically just a trial/easing into the year period….The equivalent of warming up before a gym sesh!

February is month which brings more excitement for me. There’s pancake day;  the day you can eat your body weight in fluffy goodness and also the perfect way to get together with friends or family and flip a few’.  Tip: Don’t be an overdoer and try too hard, or pancakes might themselves stuck on a wall or on the floor…Not everyone agrees with the second rule.

And of course…the month of lurrrrve. Whether it be Galentines or a Valentines, it’s definetly something to look forward to. I dont’t know about you, but it’s a perfect excuse for me to binge watch the ever so relatable Bridget Jones’s Diary and scoff down a few choccies. Oh, and can’t forget the Prosecco!

In all seriousness though, February is a month for me which brings positivity. As the days are beginning to get lighter, the weather begins to get a bit better and we are just that one step closer to Summer! Which of course means sun, fun and the lead up amazing events such as festivals/concerts, or whatever you’re interested in.

And with that…This is my way of saying Happy New Year (never too late), as for me, the year has now officially begun now that my batteries are all charged up!


Love Sarah x


photo credit: @northernplanner