Sunshine & Smiles...

So this is just a post of where I attempt to spread some positive vibes! I have just recently finished a three year degree and I cannot believe I actually made it and I cannot wait for the next step, Masters! Below is a few tips I would advise for those doing a University degree or anything that seems achievable or difficult to obtain. I know, I know, some of this advice has been said and heard before but it is never bad to have a friendly reminder!

1. Keep a tunnel vision – do not compare yourself to others, make yourself the focus.

2. Company – Surround yourself with those who motivate, uplift and support you. 

                      3. Set yourself goals – this will push you to do better and get better.

      4. Problems/Stresses or issues – Ask yourself will this matter/affect me in a years time?


    5. Mistakes – Don’t beat yourself up for them, put yourself down or blame yourself. Instead learn and grow from them.

Blouse: Boohoo
Jeans: River Island
Gold sandals: Boohoo
Thigh High Boots: Boohoo
Black Bandeau Top: Boohoo
Clutch Bag: Boohoo
Fluffy Sliders Topshop


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