Step Into Spring

I don’t know about you but after all that crazy weather… Snow, rain, hailstones & more rain – we could all do with a weather pick me up.

What I love about Spring is the gradual excitement it brings! The evenings get lighter, the weather gets better, there’s a lot more exciting events/outings to look forward to…as well as the lead up to summer!

Whether it be a graduation, wedding or an event. One of my favourite aspects of Spring is the flexibility of clothes you can start to delve into. There’s no wearing a really cute dress but then later shivering, wishing you had just kept yourself at home!

Spring also gives you flexibility with the types of colours you can begin to wear. What I love about this AX Paris Midi dress, is the fact that although the blue is on the darker side, the pastel colours is what ultimately completes the dress. I feel like if there was a visual representation of Spring; this dress is definitely it!

I’m big on style & comfort. So to have a dress which not only hugs you in all the right places but gives you enough freedom in movement is definitely a plus for me!



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