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Peggy porschen

Love…love…love 💗

Peggy porschen

Happy belated Valentines! Whatever it means to you, I hope it was well spent with loved ones, family, your valentine or galentine. Heck…even your pets.

Peggy Porschen, london

Outfit: I Saw It First

Mine was spent (don’t judge me), eating to my heart’s content, chocolate and lil bit of Bridget Jones as you do! It was a seriously nice evening filled with self love and TLC. (hope I’m not boring you yet!) Regardless, I spent the evening doing what I love…well that made my night didn’t it.

On a real note, taking the time out to sometimes treat yourself and respect yourself is so important. Self-love is key and so important when it comes to feeling good about yourself and being good to others in the process.

love, ikrush, self love

Even though the big day is over. Love is important all 365 days of the year! So my gift to you is below, two of my favourite gifting products:

sheer blush

Sheer Blush Infinity Roses

These last up to three years and smell absolutely amazing, no joke!


liquid health valentines

Liquid Health Hair & Nails

Take one a day for amazing results and growth.

Anyways…enjoy! Lots of love…


Sarah xo

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