Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my readers this year. Wishing you nothing but success and happiness for 2019.


A little gift to you: SARAHDIALLO for 15% off Daniel Wellington.


So Long Summer…

I’m a bit late…but I think I’m finally accepting that Summer is over.

We’ve had a good one and we were blessed with amazing weather for once!

So no more vests and minis! Nonetheless, I’m excited for my AW wardrobe and switching up the colours and tones.

I especially cannot wait for the glitzy and glam Winter looks.

That’s why I’ve fallen in love with this number from AX Paris. It has got the right balance of sexy and chic, showing enough skin to keep you warm and giving you all the festive vibes at the same time!

I can’t wait to wear this during the Christmas/New Year period!

Jumpsuit: https://www.axparis.com/Product/Black-Glitter-One-Arm-Jumpsuit.html

Ciao for now x

Golden Greece

As many of you might know if you follow me on Instagram…I have been absolutely obsessed with Greece!

My holiday there was absolutely amazing, every corner you turned looked like something out of a movie!

I jetted off to Mykonos-Greece simply because it looked like such a stunning island. I wasn’t disappointed and it’s safe to say, it definitely slots in the category of top 10 most instagramable countries! (I haven’t figured out the rest yet! But it’s definitely there)

This little number had me feeling like such a Greek Goddess! While also staying cute and cool in the heat.

Hopefully I’ll get round to uploading a holiday vlog on my channel! But for now watch my highlights on instagram to see what I got up to!


Stripe a Pose

So summer is finally here…but we are having a bit of a confused one!

Some days will be hot, some mild and even some days we get thunder and rain!

This AX Paris Playsuit was just perfect, keeping me cool when the sun decided to come out & play…but these long-sleeves were ideal for keeping my arms covered from the wind and the chillier evening!

I’m currently such a big fan of spots and stripes and this bold number certainly caught my eye. Not only are stripes a hot trend at the moment, but also an amazing way to accentuate your figure. It’s a win win really!

The perfect brunch outfit too!

Playsuit: https://www.axparis.com/products/Navy-Striped-Off-The-Shoulder-Playsuit.html

Skating into Summer

I think it’s finally safe to say that we are finally in Summer season! After all that crazy weather we experienced, it’s nice to finally get a bit of sunshine.

This week, I’ve jetted of to Greece, Mykonos, and oh my goodness you would not believe just how pretty it is here! Every corner you turn is aesthetically pleasing and just so instagramable!

For my first day, I opted for this gorgeous skater dress from AX Paris. As it wasn’t too hot, I could get away with a cheeky LBD and the airiness of the skirt and cut out detail at the sides was just perfect enough to keep me cool and chic. And just look at that neckline! You really don’t need to go over the top with any jewellery with this number, as it does all the work for you!

Where are you off to this Summer?

I never want to leave!

Click here for dress x