New Year New Skin!

One of my goals for this year is to put my skincare to the forefront of my priorities…I mean skincare has always been one of my biggest interests but lately, that interest has been somewhat neglected…


So when I had the chance to review and experience a PRP Plasma Blood Facial, also known as the famous Kardashian ‘Vampire Facial’ at the the Chaelis Clinic in Northampton, just know that I jumped at this amazing opportunity!


The Chaelis Clinic is located in a quiet and picturesque village of Lowick which is local to Northampton.

So… if you’re looking for a beautifully decorated clinic which offers both privacy and discretion, this is the perfect place for you!


Owned by the amazing Lesley Spencer, who’s reception area displays an array of impressive degrees and certifications…you already know that immediately upon arrival, you are definitely in good hands! Lesley Spencer’s welcoming and bubbly character was just what I needed to be reassured about my treatment.

Needles + Sarah was 100% not a sentence I could put together confidently…yet Lesley completely eased my nerves and reassured me that the treatment would be painless and would be done in little to no time.


Let me tell you guys, the treatment is nothing to how it was portrayed on Keeping Up With The Kardashians! That was a major dramatization; no way as gory as that at all. Lesley discussed the treatment in full, explaining the benefits, how the treatment would be done and also detailed aftercare.

My treatment, The PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Blood Facial, which consists of using platelets from your blood (my arm in this case). These platelets when separated, release healthy collagen and elastin fibres when re-introduced into the face/body. My treatment was then finalized with a hyaluronic acid shower which was completely painless and only felt like a warm tingling sensation over my face. My treatment lasted around 30 minutes but felt a lot quicker with someone so skilled and experienced as Lesley.

image1 (2).jpeg

What I loved about my treatment:

Was that the results were instant, I could see the glow and how plump my face looked straightaway! My favourite outcome would have to be that since having this treatment done over a week ago, my under eyes have never looked so fresh and rejuvenated. This is one of the areas that I am most sensitive about, so to see a lasting improvement like this has made my January!

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Lesley recommends having these treatments once every other six weeks for long lasting and noticeable results.


The Chaelis Clinic offer a range of treatments to suit all needs, have a look on their website for more information, prices and to book a consultation:

Read more about my treatment here: PRP Facial

I will be creating a Youtube Vlog on this, so keep your eyes out for that! – Youtube: Sarah Diallo

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This review was created on behalf of Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine – reviews are my honest and personal opinion.

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