January Joy

The first month of 2019 is finally coming to an end. For some people, January is seen as a fresh blank page. The month to build on or start new goals and set your plans in action. Whatever they might be for the year. For others, it might be seen as a month that needs to end quickly. So that the year can really start; the end of Blue January.

Neubria Energy Supplements

Fatigue & Energy

Whatever it means to you, it is important to take steps to make your year as productive and enjoyable as it possibly can be. I’ve noticed that I am most productive and relaxed when I feel energised and well rested throughout the day. However, being at that stage, can be a bit of a struggle! Juggling working full-time, blogging, social life and just about breathing can be a bit hectic at the best of times. I also suffer from anxiety; particularly at night and often I find myself going into full blown overthinking and worry mode. This tends to have a negative/domino effect on me…Whereby I am tired throughout the day and have less energy to achieve my tasks or goals as productively as I could have…had I slept that little bit more.

Neubria Energy Supplements


I have recently been using two amazing supplements from a brand called Neubria. The first is the Neubria Charge, this is works to energise you in the day, reduce fatigue and keep you focused. The second is Neubria Drift, which supports healthy sleep and eases you into relaxation before going to bed. I usually take this a few hours before bed to achieve a natural and gradual effect. The combination of the two really complement each other well. Providing energy where needed and a natural alternative to being able to ease into sleep better. I love the fact the products are all natural, all of their products are also in line with the Medicine & Healthcare Regulatory Authority Board. The results have been amazing so far! It has been great being able to sleep peacefully without tossing and turning or overthinking in the night and waking up feeling like I have actually slept.

Neubria Energy Supplements

I’d definitely recommend you give these a try, if you are looking to improve your sleep or to feel more energised in the day. I am also giving a lucky reader to opportunity to win both these products! All you have to do is drop a comment under my Neubria related instagram post and follow @Neubria on Instagram. If you don’t have an instagram account…worry not! Drop your details below and you will be added onto the list!

{ More of them here: https://neubria.com }

Thank me later! xo

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