Feeling 22

Twenty two…

   Wow, a whole twenty two! I really am I big somebody now I guess. It;s weird to think I’m actually this age when really I still feel 18 most times. I couldn’t think of any better way to enter this age feeling as grateful and blessed as I do. I’ve really been blessed with some amazing friends and family who encourage and support me daily. Below are a few changes I’m putting in place for myself in this new age.

1. Be positive always – Even when times are tough and seem like all is lost, keep on smiling and laughing. I’ve found that laughing at bad situation takes away the negativity; problems are temporary and can be fixed.

2. Respect others if even they do not respect you – Never be petty, never do others how they do you. Your behavior should be a reflection on yourself and your values.

3. Be patient – As cliche as it sounds, good things really do come to those who wait, saying this from experience! 

4. Be selfless – Be blessing to others not a burden, make people feel good whenever you can – genuinely.

6. Be a goalgetter – Never give up and always believe in yourself! Be your biggest fan always.

Do good & trust God xx
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