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    This is a makeup bag essential as this concealer can be used for multiple purposes. I find myself using it not only to conceal imperfections but to contour and highlight. The affordability of this product is an added bonus and means that you can buy different shades to make your contour and highlight flawless.  I use two of the concealers. The shade in Warm Honey which is lighter, I use for my under eyes to highlight my nose. To contour my nose I use espresso and to conceal imperfections, I use the shade Fawn. Depending how you use the LA Girl Pro Concealer, it can be perfect for an everyday look as well as a more defined look. I would definitely say that this is as good as the MAC Pro Longwear liquid concealer and for the price of the LA Girl Concealer, you can’t go wrong! LA Girl Pro Concealer caters to every skin tone with a vast variety of shades.

   The liquid consistency of the concealer means that the effect it has can be build-able and you can work with the concealer in a way that suits you and get the results you are after. However, I wouldn’t recommend this concealer to those who do suffer from scarring as you may not get the coverage you are after.  As you may find yourself applying thick amounts of the concealer to achieve full coverage on imperfections and dark scars. But one of the best things about this concealer is that it is anti-crease and once dried gives a matte effect. This is perfect for those long or busy days when you don’t always have time to reapply your makeup. It works wells with loose or translucent powders such as the Ben Nye Banana powder which guarantees that everything stays firmly in place. The LA Girl concealer is suitable for combination skin, though it has a creamy consistency when it sets the concealer has a matte effect which does not dry out your skin. The design of the product means that it is easy to apply with minimal waste, though the tube appears not to be big it certainly does last long.


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