Chocolate & Cream

Let’s get Creazy...

      Pour, pour, pour!

     Some homemade whipped cream using the Creazy Jar…

Et voila! Fini

So finally I decided to use my one of my stocking presents from last Christmas – my Nutella recipe book. This has so many delicious recipe ideas that I will hopefully get around to making! I chose to make a cream chocolate Nutella (obviously) mousse.
 For the finishing touches, I decided to use cream, hazelnuts (yes, more nuts) and of course the all time favorite classic strawberries. For those of you who know me well, you will know that I like things to be done simply. That is why I absolutely love this Creazy jar which creates quick and easy homemade whipped cream. All you do is pop the three balls provided into the jar, your chosen whipped cream, some sugar, shake it well and Bob’s your uncle! No really, you’ve just created whipped cream in a jar. 

Creazy: FormaHouse


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