Beauty Gems

    Whats in my Beauty bag?...

 ~ My Beauty Gems!

 These are my Bodyshop favourites…The first on the left being the Vitamin C reviver. This works absolute wonders for my skin by giving it a healthy dewy glow without making my skin shiny or oily. Next is their Shea Body Butter which I use to moisturize my skin, I absolutely love the smell of this body butter and the delicate consistency it has. The product in the middle is the Seaweed toner. I use this in the morning just before applying anything on my face. It cleanses my face, makes the texture even and reduces the sight of pores and impurities. The last is my absolute favourite! The Tea Tree range never fails to disappoint me. My skin was going through rough patch, it looked tired, spotty and dull but as soon as I used these wipes this reduced dramatically. I encourage you to grab one! 

 These are just a few more bits that I like to use every now and then. My favorite is the Aloe Vera Gel which is perfect for eliminating spots.

 This cute limited edition Sugar Coated Vaseline has been an absolute lifesaver in this cold weather. It’s stopped my lips from getting chapped and dry and left them feeling soft and supple.

    And lastly I can’t forget my Got2b Argan styling oil. This has helped my hair look glossy and healthy without looking greasy.

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