A ski holiday at Val Thorens

On the surface, it may look illogical while a ski holiday is about more than just cold weather. Yes, it is full of thrill and adventure. Besides, that après-ski culture will make your visit an unforgettable trip for a lifetime.

France is the destination for countless world-class resorts that cater to varying tastes and skill levels. Among them, trendier ski enthusiasts are one. You will get nice Ski apartment rental for 8 people in 3 Valleys ski resort, France for your comfortable stay. click Ski apartment rental for 8 people in 3 Valleys ski resort, France for more detail. 

You will get plenty of Val Thorens bars and clubs where you can party in the resort till the next morning. So don’t worry about going to bed early and getting up first. From the year 2008 smoking has been banned in every bar in France, hence you are allowed to smoke on the terrace. Smokers can enjoy their smoking with outdoor heater in the months of winter.

You can find the Val Thorens lift system both in the summer and winter season. young children enjoy this to the most. There are different restrictions for summer and winter seasons to be followed for ski school and children. For the younger ones ski is the play activity rather than anything else. A child below the age of four wouldn’t recommend starting skiing. This is an activity where a child can develop his strength, attitude, and co-ordination.

A regular alpine skiing lover can choose Cross-country skiing as the best option to quench his skiing thrust. You will find it more enjoyable if take the things leisurely, a bit slower. You can get the most of the tranquillity of the surroundings of the location.

Be very careful with the strength of the sun on a skiing holiday. Always keep equipped yourself with all precautions against the sun when you are at that altitude. Do not forget to wear sunglasses to protect from the reflection of the snow even if the sun is not there.

It is difficult to get direct to Val Thorens. You can take Eurostar from London which can land you Moutiers, just 30 minutes away to your destination, Val Thorens. A taxi or bus ride can help to get you up the mountain to resort. You can trust in chaletscocoon.com.

Browsin’ in Budapest

A weekend Trip to Budapest.

*Budapest in two days*

Every good weekend trip should start with a cute airport outfit right?


We departed from Gatwick Airport and took a 2 hour flight to Budapest with easy transport links to the town centre.

The first night consisted of us chillin’, getting to know the area and getting rest before a SUPER busy day ahead.

We woke up at 6am to get to the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, which was AMAZING. It literally was like being in a giant bath tub and I felt so refreshed after. We arrived here at 7am and were quite lucky that it wasn’t busy or packed at all.

  It was so cold  though once you

actually got out of the bath!

We then spent the rest of the day exploring and enjoying the sights! Along with being stared at by the locals and being called Nicki Minaj *face palm*


Doesn’t this remind you of the game Subway Surfer! I loved how the trams and taxis were yellow, it really gave a Urban New York type of vibe.


Later that night, we stopped off at the famous New York Café. The interior was absolutely stunning, it literally made me feel like I was in a scene from Gossip Girl (lol). Oh & the food was good too! I had a banana Hot Chocolate, which was different but so tasty and ice cream..Only I would have a hot and cold combo but it works trust me!


Boscolo – New York Cafe Budapest


New York Cafe Budapest

If I smile hard enough…Can I move in?

Next day/Final day in Budapest.


We climbed up to the St. Stephen’s Basilica, this was a workout and a half I can’t lie!

(For me anyway) The views were worth it though.



Pretty sure this the bridge that Will Smith used in his Keke Challenge!




After a day filled with walking, we decided to treat ourselves to a well deserved treat at Mr. Funk, one of the most ‘instagramable’ food places in Budapest! Not only does the food look amazing but it also tastes so good!


You can just see the joy in my eyes….


And damn right I finished it all!


Where to find Mr Funk…click here


Until next time. xo


Places mentioned that we visited:

New York Cafe

Mr Funk

St. Stephen’s Basilica

Pretty in Pink

Peggy porschen

Love…love…love 💗

Peggy porschen

Happy belated Valentines! Whatever it means to you, I hope it was well spent with loved ones, family, your valentine or galentine. Heck…even your pets.

Peggy Porschen, london

Outfit: I Saw It First

Mine was spent (don’t judge me), eating to my heart’s content, chocolate and lil bit of Bridget Jones as you do! It was a seriously nice evening filled with self love and TLC. (hope I’m not boring you yet!) Regardless, I spent the evening doing what I love…well that made my night didn’t it.

On a real note, taking the time out to sometimes treat yourself and respect yourself is so important. Self-love is key and so important when it comes to feeling good about yourself and being good to others in the process.

love, ikrush, self love

Even though the big day is over. Love is important all 365 days of the year! So my gift to you is below, two of my favourite gifting products:

sheer blush

Sheer Blush Infinity Roses

These last up to three years and smell absolutely amazing, no joke!


liquid health valentines

Liquid Health Hair & Nails

Take one a day for amazing results and growth.

Anyways…enjoy! Lots of love…


Sarah xo

January Joy

The first month of 2019 is finally coming to an end. For some people, January is seen as a fresh blank page. The month to build on or start new goals and set your plans in action. Whatever they might be for the year. For others, it might be seen as a month that needs to end quickly. So that the year can really start; the end of Blue January.

Neubria Energy Supplements

Fatigue & Energy

Whatever it means to you, it is important to take steps to make your year as productive and enjoyable as it possibly can be. I’ve noticed that I am most productive and relaxed when I feel energised and well rested throughout the day. However, being at that stage, can be a bit of a struggle! Juggling working full-time, blogging, social life and just about breathing can be a bit hectic at the best of times. I also suffer from anxiety; particularly at night and often I find myself going into full blown overthinking and worry mode. This tends to have a negative/domino effect on me…Whereby I am tired throughout the day and have less energy to achieve my tasks or goals as productively as I could have…had I slept that little bit more.

Neubria Energy Supplements


I have recently been using two amazing supplements from a brand called Neubria. The first is the Neubria Charge, this is works to energise you in the day, reduce fatigue and keep you focused. The second is Neubria Drift, which supports healthy sleep and eases you into relaxation before going to bed. I usually take this a few hours before bed to achieve a natural and gradual effect. The combination of the two really complement each other well. Providing energy where needed and a natural alternative to being able to ease into sleep better. I love the fact the products are all natural, all of their products are also in line with the Medicine & Healthcare Regulatory Authority Board. The results have been amazing so far! It has been great being able to sleep peacefully without tossing and turning or overthinking in the night and waking up feeling like I have actually slept.

Neubria Energy Supplements

I’d definitely recommend you give these a try, if you are looking to improve your sleep or to feel more energised in the day. I am also giving a lucky reader to opportunity to win both these products! All you have to do is drop a comment under my Neubria related instagram post and follow @Neubria on Instagram. If you don’t have an instagram account…worry not! Drop your details below and you will be added onto the list!

{ More of them here: https://neubria.com }

Thank me later! xo

Find your Algo-Rhythm

Soooo, many of us fell victims to the Instagram ‘glitch’ nonsense that occurred yesterday…Emphasis on the glitch – because we as a generation are far too clued on to differentiate between a glitch and an absolute fail of an upgrade. *sips tea*

Maybe you’ve clicked to read this to see whether I actually know how to spell algorithm; whatever the reason – thank you for reading so far & I hope this is helpful.

Peggy Porschen

Anyways…I luckily, was able to somehow to avoid the Instagram update. But I had the pleasure of seeing this ill constructed, story style, concoction of a mess from other discombobulated users. This year, we creatives, (bloggers, content creators etc) have faced the absolute wrath of Instagram’s unpredictable algorithm. Each Social Media network has a unique set of technical elements. Intricate logic and usage analytics that make up the algorithm that delivers content to its users. These algorithms are managed by dedicated teams of software engineers, data scientists, content strategists and more, so nothing you see is an accident. In every negative, it is always great to see what positives can surface. Yes, we have all complained about the algorithm…(And rightfully so!) BUT, rather than sit and mope about it; we have all done our best and have been motivated to do better. This has even created a strong bond in the community of creatives to support each other.




Peggy Porschen

1. Create a consistent feel to your posts.

Creating a consistent look/theme to your posts so that your feed collectively flows is a great way to make your content unique and recognisable to yourself/brand. I won’t lie and say that this is easy because I still struggle to.
However doing this also makes your feed as a whole appealing to the eye, seamless and attracts and can maintain new or existing followers and is also a reflection of how much thought you put into your content creation. This is also completely your choice and should be done in a way that reflects you. Below are some of my examples:

Sarah Diallo Instagram FeedSarah Diallo Instagram Feed

2. Being consistent with the work you create.

It is so key to create a posting schedule for yourself and to set yourself a realistic posting amount per week. Don’t look at what others are doing, keep a tunnel vision and do what you can do to your own capability. If you can post every day, then great! But, if you’re like me and currently juggling life, food, sleep, full-time work and having a social life – then you’ll find posting everything day is not always so possible. And there’s nothing wrong with that! I give myself a minimum of twice per week which is a realistic goal that I can meet.
Let’s also not forget the significance of stories, these are an important way to stay relevant/remembered in between posting. This is also a great way to encourage people to visit your profile. And in our busy day and age; we are most likely to watch stories, therefore if we see something interesting on a story we are more inclined to visit the profile. Which is subsequently a great way for people to see your posts that they may have missed.

Sarah Diallo

 3. Put yourself out there.

Yikes. The thought of this always used to make me shudder and I would begin to start thinking of all the ‘what ifs’. I learnt that the time that I spent procrastinating and wondering what would happen if I put myself out there, or tried to reach out to someone could’ve been time spent actually building networks and a rapport with brands or other creatives. No one likes rejection or being ignored, however sometimes if you don’t try you won’t know. Not to be corny here – but life is too short. The most successful people are usually the ones that took risks. It’s important to collaborate and network with brands or people that align well with yourself. Don’t be afraid to send that email or DM.  You just never know what long term relationships could be formed. 

Hixon Green Sarah Diallo

 4. Final Tips.

I have noticed that interacting with the hashtags that I am going to use, often helps me to be at the top 9 of those hashtags. I usually do this 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after posting. I found this tip from a blog post (can’t remember where) which I have found helpful ever since.

Most importantly, use hashtags! Don’t over do it though…They have helped me so much in getting my post seen, I like to use hashtags which are relevant to my photo and hashtags which are quite popular.

Instagram Insights

(7k views from hashtags!)

Side note: I have also noticed that when my post is saved more, it generally does a lot better!

And lastly, if you have a business account, use the analytics to assess when is best to post and to understand your audience better.

For any other tips – leave me a comment, email or DM!

Sarah xo

Definition credits: https://later.com/blog/instagram-algorithm/